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DNA Memory supply Ram Memory - Laptop Memory - PC Memory - Server Memory

Random Access Memory (RAM) is use for Desktop Memory, Notebook Memory, Laptop Memory, Netbook Memory, Workstation Memory and Server Memory. Random Access Memory (RAM) enables computers to operate more tasks at once and the more memory you have installed the smoother your system will perform the tasks. DNA Memory supply cheap DDR Memory, DDR2 Memory and DDR3 Memory for all the above type systems.

Do I need more RAM in my System?

A common question is do I need more RAM in my system? If your system starts to think longer about tasks and the green light starts to flickers more often during tasks either your system has a virus or you need more memory. We always recommend you install the maximum amount of memory your system will take for optimum performance from your system.

How much Memory can I install?

To answer this question please use the drop down menu in our RAM Selector tool. Here you will find useful information about how many sockets your system has, the maximum memory your system can take and other useful information on upgrading your systems memory.