About DNA Memory

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DNA Memory offers a complete OEM Matched Memory Upgrade Solution which comes with numerous benefits. Buying DNA Memory is more than just module provisioning - Our Memory comes with a host of support and service elements that guarantee an unrivalled solution to cost effective PC life cycle management.

All DNA memory modules are rigorously tested before being shipped, we have stringent quality control procedures within our facilities to protect against the risk of failure and cost impact from system downtime The more thoroughly memory is tested before it is shipped, the less chance of problems during operation. As with any type of product, memory quality can vary from one manufacturer to another.

More established memory manufacturers such as ourselves are more consistent in adhering to stringent testing policies and ensuring the use of high quality components. There is the possibility that during more price sensitive times the consideration of cheaper and potentially lower quality memory products may be considered. Such considerations could lead to a higher cost solution overall, we recommend that when evaluating the level of quality required for memory the following points are considered:

  • The quality of the DRAM chips,
  • PC boards,
  • and other components used on the module are critical to the overall quality.

Premium memory chips can cost up to 30% more than low grade chips and high quality PC Boards cost about 50% more than lower quality alternatives.

DNA memory only use high quality components from the world's leading technology brands such as:

  • Samsung
  • Hynix
  • Nanya

Intermittent problems quite often occur with lower quality memory, problems such as PCs hanging or freezing unexpectedly. How often is work saved, and if this is outside of your control, how much does it cost to re-install a backed up session? You can be confident of deploying DNA Memory Solutions for Desktops, Laptops and Servers because our products are designed and built exactly functionally equivalent to OEM modules and are rigorously tested, guaranteeing 100% compatibility. All DNA Memory Server Memory products are also designed to work with OEM server integration software such as In-Site Manager on HP Servers.